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Euro 2012 Moments : Xavi and Busquets vs Italy

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  1. Lemon Potato

    hardly. they could have easily lost the ball under the pressure if not for
    their excellent passing. maybe they could have just passed back to the
    defenders, but they kept the attack up instead. short fast passing is
    extremely hard to defend against which is why these guys are so great. i
    love watching barca / spain for that reason!

  2. Hamun Maghsodlo

    damn this game was pure fc barcelona versus italy

  3. batistuta1831

    barca are a lot more attackin than spain. They virtually play with 3
    defenders, with alves operating as winger. Arbeloa sucks ballz as an
    attacker, cant even spell attacking if his life depended on it. Jordi alba
    is sooo atacking, but b4 this tournament, it was capdevilla, who sucked
    ballz at attacking as well but a better defender than arbeloa. Now,
    imagine, alba on the lfet, alves on the right, messi in the cnter, with
    villa and sanchez. These players are more explosive.Problem-busquets atcdm

  4. Veron KSA

    There are many brazillian players I like but tiki taka different

  5. david benley

    dude scoring 4 goals against ultra defensive side italy is a big thing, how
    many goals did germany score against them? or france in 98 QF and 2006
    final? or Brazil in 1994 wc final scored 1.

  6. Hydro2oo9

    By the way Pele and Ronaldo scored more for the national team but played
    more games. If talking goal to game ratio, Romario had a better ratio.

  7. Kevin max

    The italian players are still looking for that ball.

  8. david benley

    to be honest spain started the whole tiki taka business in 2006 wc, then
    won euro 2008 and barca came to prominence the following year, though imo
    spain are not all the same as barca, they run a lot quicker, but the
    finisher that barca has in messi.

  9. soussa133

    Barcelona players are simply the best <3

  10. david benley

    Leeds UTD, dude where did Leeds come from, are you taking drugs or what lol

  11. Edgar Romero Espinoza


  12. hweenmask

    i dont like this new tiki-taka style of play. 2003-2006 with
    rijjkaard-ronaldinho-eto’o-deco was the best barcelona.

  13. 2012Legend2012

    And as you can see, xavi played it with busquets then played it back to
    xavi to iniesta , whice they play for barca

  14. SHlTTER

    Of course Alves. Since he played for Barcelona they have been one of the
    best teams in history, Guardiola brought him in with Keita. Mascherano is
    another great player, recently their most on-form defender if you ask me.

  15. Hydro2oo9

    I don’t need to see videos, I seen all these players play in their career.
    All 4 were great, but Romario tops them for me. It’s all opinions.

  16. Cesar Delgado

    Its not their creativity that is their problem, the problem is they have a
    negative coach who plays 2 DM and no striker meaning that they have no one
    who makes off the ball runs for the creative players like
    Xavi,Iniesta,Silva or Fabregas to make a killer pass…

  17. SHlTTER

    Spain is an amazingly creative team, but you’re comparing them to one of
    the best teams of futbol history, so they are less creative. Like I said,
    if they played together as much as Barcelona, things would be different.

  18. JBlz124

    The 2010 world cup.

  19. The Best

    I think Xavi was best player in final He assisted 2 goals in that match
    Beside his great performance… anyway Iniesta deserve it it too…. But
    Best Player in EURO 2012 should go to Pirlo

  20. Hydro2oo9

    You’re clueless mate. How is it only 2 players in la liga? It’s jam packed
    full of talent. Where do you think all these players like Silva, Mata, etc
    come from that all you premier league fanboys love?

  21. mismis888

    No threat? There was plenty, and if retardo-torres had been a descent
    attacker/finisher, the game would have been 3-1 at least. He got it all
    served by the midfield.

  22. CotesMusik

    really? after about 5 months you reply,with that?

  23. Lemon Potato

    Romario < Ronaldo

  24. FCBNumber10

    lol u are stupid xD

  25. david benley

    messi atually provides more goals, but yeh without messi barca with david
    villa are still strongest team in the world, with messi you just get more
    ammount of goals.

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