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  1. Calogero307

    Ireland win with Italy ? Are you sure ?

  2. Calogero307

    The Ireland it’s a good team only for their ITALIAN Coach the great Giovanni Trapattoni !

  3. Ireland4Ever100

    More like Ireland -v- Croatia (2-1) Spain -V- Ireland (3-2) Italy -v- Ireland (1-3)

  4. rmcdsaggart

    good man ireland have every chance off beating any team lets not forget we have a nack for doing very good at competitions and as an underdog come on the boys in green

  5. oranjexxx

    im sorry but the netherlands will be either 1 or 2

  6. FootballGoalsx

    There is some very good players for ireland and these are just in the premier league o’shea, Mcclean ,Mccarthy ,Westwood,ward,Hunt,Long,Andre­ws,Whelan,walthers,Reid,Best,F­oley,Meyler,Wilson,Cox,the other hunt,Clark,Dunne,Sammon,Gibson­,duffy,Coleman,hoolahan,Pilkin­gton,Kenny,Stephens,Ireland,Do­yle,and i’m sure theres a few more :))

  7. MinisterForTrance1

    Ireland 0 points ???? how fucking arrogant are you mate. Ireland can beat anyone on their day. great goal keeeper , great defence , great team spirit and great fans wel prove everyone wrong. WE FEAR NO ONE.!!!!!

  8. 94GOOGLE94

    hope your prediction come true :D

  9. ficobernet

    HAHAHA! richtig gut gelacht!

  10. russelljake77

    The Netherlands are better then you think. ORANJE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. donnysoldier444

    this is shit

  12. werderbremen222


  13. werderbremen222


  14. HerculesXena87

    sorry but Croatia go to quarter finals Italy is good but Croatia have 3 Wons and 2 Draws vs Italy, Ireland is Very Hard Team but Croatia have Better Player and Spain ok the Best Team but Croatia can Beat all Favorites Gemany England 2008 I Think Croatia have a chance win this Group Croatia is not bad.

  15. Kenpachi035

    Yeah i know ! France will lose against Germany in semi-final !

  16. Jake58363786

    France are a good team and have improved alot since the 2010 world cup but I think you will get knocked out in the semis, Germany or Holland will win it I think

  17. aluapzurc2

    This Euro i think France can go far, they have much better team than 2010(M’Vila, Nasri, Menez..) From the big teams Italy and England seem the least promising. Denmark can be a surprise, they play very wel as a team. Netherlands can disapoint (poor defence) Germany and Spain are most well rounded and strong teams. Portugal, i think they have great unknown quality players players like Carriço, Moutinho, Fernandes, Oliveira, Pereira…They can also do a fantastic Euro! Good luck to all nations!

  18. aluapzurc2

    The groups are so unbalanced, just look at group A and group B, i mean Denmark is better than the entire group A! WTF!!

  19. pendulomod

    Spain win

  20. Kenpachi035

    If you think that France haven’t changed since 2010, you are just stupid ! New coach, new federation, new players, new spirit ! Can you imagine that this was the same players who lost aginst China and those who won against Germany ??? In 2010 there aren’t Benzema, Cabaye, M’Vila, Nasri, Menez, Ben Arfa, etc… You can say what you want, France will go to the semi-final !! We can win against every teams !

  21. Jake58363786

    Thats like me saying France wont pass the group stages because of the world cup 2 years ago

  22. MrJackson591


  23. danipanzer

    COME ON DEUTSCHLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. frazorsuper

    england with 7 points? no chance

  25. NirvanaVideoVault

    Holland are gonna fuck portugal and germany like they fucked france and italy in euro 2008!!

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