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Lucas Hernandez currently plays for the youth team of France, his birth country but is yet unsure of whether he would keep on representing them up till the senior level.

Hernandez, who plies his trade with Atletico Madrid at Club level as a defender has been embroiled in a tug of war over the right choice to make after Spain indicated their interest in him.

Hernandez was born in Marseille, France and had taken the decision to play for France youth side at first. With this move from Spain, he is unsure yet of what he really wants to do.

In an interview just recently, the 20 year old defender suggests that he would carefully go through his options before making a decision on whom to play for.

“That’s a personal decision. At the moment, I’m happy playing for the France U21 side, but the future depends on who I can play for.”

Hernandez hopes to feature in the Champions League game to be played on Wednesday against Rostov. He has still indicated yet that there is an intense competition in Diego Simeone’s squad.

“New players are contributing a lot and this is being seen on the pitch and in the performances,” he continued.
“And of course this year will hopefully be better than the past.

“We have different players that give us different things, are adapting to the team and have made this the best team in a long time.”

Spain has come a few more steps closer to qualify for the World Cup, after goals in the second half from Diego Costa and Nolte, ensured that they came away with all three points in their win over Albania recently at the Loro Borici Stadium. This came after Spain’s draw with Italy earlier on.

Spain is currently at the top of their Group G with Italy following closely behind. Both teams have the same points but Spain leads with goal difference.