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Liechtenstein Vs Spain 0-4 – All Goals & Match Highlights – September 3 2010 – Euro 2012 Qualifier

Spain Followers Video Score: 5 / five


  1. TheAtomjunky

     Nein aber schön zu sehen^^

  2. elchito86

    da ging es ja auch um soo viel ne ? 🙂

  3. TheAtomjunky

    Spanien hat 4:1 gegen Argentinien verloren :DD

  4. tylerextream

    why are people so hyped about torres scoring two goals those were two nice goals but i feel torres is over rated and villa is under rated. torres was on the spanish international team longer than villa and villa has scored the most goals for spain EVER. So yea… VIVA ESPANA

  5. tylerextream

    torres had one good game since like a year but villa is always great and thats why i think hes the best

  6. 17Conaldo17


  7. ngomdjily

    le reveille de el nino
    il est le meilleur

  8. Eritreanboy2009

    Fernando Torres is back ..
    He’s my favourite striker after the player from another planet (Lionel Messi) <3

  9. vanJack87

    just jealous how torres calmly scored the first goal..

  10. Adeel2k11

    calm down its fucking Liechtenstein

  11. Adeel2k11

    keeper is so shit
    but then again it is Liechtenstein
    what ever that is

  12. mido3003

    the goal keeper is lost 😀

  13. linkinpark079

    couldnt agree wit ya more, but hes gettin there

  14. majmunko46

    he is back;;;

  15. luckynumber7and10

    Nice to see Torres scoring again (: He might not be back in full form for Liverpool, but he’s getting there. It’s very hard to come back from a long-term injury, but Torres is really trying hard, and he deserved this brace.
    Well done Spain!!

  16. DuELDoMiNaToRs

    EL NINo!!!!!!!!

  17. akutski11

    oh hell no

  18. ESPmiguelUK

    for spain yeah, hes still a useless tird at anfield though.

  19. linkinpark079

    the kid is back!

  20. zahinster

    thnx for uploading

  21. Thrashgu

    But Albania isn’t a World champion 🙂

  22. thecolorfuldevil


  23. thecolorfuldevil

    i totally agree im gonna watch him play live in POLAND!!

  24. cosmosticality

    people get over torres in this game. Liechtenstein are ranked 141 in the world for christ sake!

  25. cosmosticality

    omg they were playing lichtenstein. Chill out

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