Spain Football Fans

Netherlands vs. Spain World Cup Match (SImulated using FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa)

Spain Supporters Video clip Score: 4 / 5


  1. JMRevan24

    No no no I was addressing that Netherlands beat Uruguay in the Semis

  2. Joricky12

    I wasnt talking about that match.

  3. supersasukemaniac

    netherlands didn’t face spain in the semis if they did how could El Roja of Spain face the dutch in the final?

  4. supersasukemaniac

    in the real world cup Spain beat Netherlands 1-0 in extra time

  5. AlexanderRivera23

    These guys will be hilarious and awesome commentators hahahaha I’m serious

  6. Armin Muminovic

    Who I can contact to buy this game.orginals game.give me anumber or e-mail

  7. mateusgsm2

    The world cup would be so much fun if they were doing this at the cup

  8. LPGameSeries

    I’m Dutch, and it was a horrible game to watch. It was bad football, no matter where you are from. 14 Yellow Cards, nuff said.

  9. waxmax117

    Well at least they know one thing: Iker is a beast.

  10. HayashiXOnew

    I hate you Spain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. JMRevan24

    He meant in Semis

  12. thomasgreissfan17

    the goalies name is iker casilas but u probally already know that

  13. rickyGman11

    No it’s not.Fail American is fail.

  14. weathers459

    Not for a Spaniard or dutchman;)

  15. ArmTriangleChoke

    The real game was nowhere near as exciting. One of the worst finals ever

  16. Emper0rH0rde

    You can tell this is fake because Fernando Torres scored.

  17. soccerkick21

    in the wrong stadium

  18. hinatasexslave

    you right my bad, I forgot that his name is pounced generally in a different language.

  19. MissSoccergirl04

    I LOVE THESE VIDEOS!!!! you should really do some more simulated matches for clubs like MLS, Preimer league etc…

  20. ImaBeChazzy25

    The worst world cup but my team made a great run :’)

  21. 1fifaworldcuplover2

    big lebowski

  22. anthon8ydan8iel

    it’s actually pronounced “Chavi” = Xavi

  23. thomasgreissfan17

    funny how its a high scoring game but the real 1 only had one goal

  24. rakovski95

    i hope these guys will do euro 2012

  25. monobrow112233

    one of these guys sounds like howard from big bang thoery

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