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Pep Guardiola favors Changing Teams every year

Pep Guardiola believes that one of the primary objectives of him switching teams after every few years is the desire to have more and more idea of the game of Football.

As per Guardiola, if that desire to gain knowledge was not there, he would not have moved out of Barcelona. His tenure there was going like a dream and he could have glued himself to that position of Barcelona coach. The sword of axe was definitely not hanging over him.

But, he had to see other places, other leagues, different approaches, different conditions and that took him first to Germany and now to England where he is now coping with different ‘refereeing methods’ too as he pointed out in one of his latest press conferences.

In Guardiola’s opinion, the public saw his entry to Etihad as the end of all the problems for the Sky Blues and trusted him to turn them into an invincible unit just in the blink of an eye, but, he is no superman and all the rewards that he had previously had a lot to do with the efficiency of the teams that he was coaching as well. He was coaching the powerhouses of the domestic leagues of a couple of countries; here in England it’s not the case.

Guardiola is not getting too much into wins and loses either. Obviously he is losing a lot more than he has lost anywhere else while coaching, but, for him, wins just silence the critics temporarily and do nothing else and the negative side of a win is that it often softens people and they often get lost in the joy of the moment rather than remaining involved in the hard work which will get them better. Loses, on the other hand, remind people of their shortcomings. So, loses are vital too in the development of a team.