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Spain vs. Germany World Cup Match (SImulated using FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa)

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  1. silentblade30

    Only if they new who messi was

  2. waxmax117

    AH! PLAY FIFA 12!

  3. haftashaft

    Maybe Low pulled Klose because hes is in mid 30’s and Gomez is the shit

  4. hinatasexslave

    Ha, if only these guys knew about Mario Gomez…

  5. isub4u100

    1:35 oh I didn’t see that one coming.

  6. MrMetin2tim

    whats game?

  7. MrAsam12

    i thought this would be horrible but it was kinda of entertaining give them a chance

  8. DJChapManahan

    hahah Torres missed 

  9. irishbb10

    I love how they thought torres would score a 1 on 1 with the keeper hahha silly torres you’re not allowed to score

  10. Mickey2315

    You are incorrect. First of all, there is no ‘V’ sound in Spanish. Secondly, in English, the second o in Donovan is pronounced as an ‘uh’ in English, which does not have an equivalent sound in Spanish. Similarly, the ‘an’ at the end is pronounced like the word ‘in’ in English, which also has no equivalent sound in Spanish.

  11. DerekIsAwesome1494

    Dude, again, Donovan is easy to pronounce in Spanish.

  12. rakovski95

    1:40 torres style

  13. Newbiestile265

    nope, it was another one. Goalie in this game is Neuer, the one who commited suicide was Robert Enke

  14. BournemouthVEVO

    that goalies gonna be pisssed

  15. projectBryce

    it’s funny because in real life F.Torres wouldn’t have scored that…

  16. ChiefDarthDave

    the german goalie in this game commited suicide before the world cup

  17. SMRDcompany

    0:17 I understand all the Klose stuff arguments but really…Spanish chick? That’s a Spanish flag? Now take a look at the klose argument 🙂

  18. jumpinghoarse999

    lol MVP= Golden Ball?

  19. trucupey3

    Instead of criticizing the Klose pronuntiation, teach us how to pronounce it in german, you assholes. Is not that I would like to, since I dont like him at all, but I do like many german players, if I learned to say Borussia Mönchengladbach in german why can you just teach us and stop crying for pronuntiations? I wont laugh at your spanish or your english, so to say.
    I hate stupid people

  20. Trotthaqus

    dude ur an idiot. klose is polish so is so not a nazi bastard. god what are you just stupid or what.

  21. dutchfreak10

    this is bullshit. torres scores.

  22. AsimisterMT

    klose is fucking nazi bastard

  23. DerekIsAwesome1494

    uh hispanic announcers don’t pronounce Donovan’s name like Donbwan they pronounce it Donovan and theres no W in spanish

  24. pjmgamer0

    hahaha 2 machine guns. agagagaga

  25. plafonte

    these guys don’t call 100’s of games on tv its not their job. this is the first time they’ve probably ever heard klose’s name and their doing the best they can im pretty sure if you went to a foreign country you wouldn’t know how to pronounce everyone’s name either

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