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Spain vs Portugal 0-0_4-2 All Goals Penalty Shootout Portugal vs Spain 2-4 27th June, 2012 Euro

Spain Enthusiasts Video Score: four / five


  1. Fernando Luiz Carvalho Lima


  2. Cap big

    Dont worry Ronaldo we know you are the best.

  3. fazreen shah

    Apa la ronaldo tak gol penalti

  4. Diego R FGonz

    @2kzoltan would would would WOULD !!!!! hhhhaa

  5. jose L

    Cristiano’s fault for wanting to be the hero and kicking last.

  6. asamad templar

    Go to FIFA and read the comments made by Spain’s coach and I quote him “WE

  7. jpmeireles

    clearly a connoisseur. go tell that to the thousands of teams that
    throughout the history have lost games when they played better or were
    better than the oposition. chelsea won the last champions league with a
    single shot during 90min, one shot vs bayern’s massacre

  8. aissaoui islam produkshunz

    issam chwali

  9. Wes Wilshere


  10. Xavi Cadavez

    I honesly thought Portugal would get through

  11. jose iglesias

    España,una vez más, campeon de campeones!! ¡¡¡VIVA ESPAÑA!!!

  12. VerDiiN4

    this game was the real finals, who ever won this would go on to beat the
    easy italyy.

  13. David Luz

    not portugal’s fault… he will be ”lucky” I bet.

  14. adrkow22

    0:42 Jesus Navas Lol

  15. anselmo rodiel

    the fuck were you saying kid? if you can see kid i’m actually praising him.

  16. furrycheetah2000

    it doesn’t matter anymore…..ppl like us here think otherwise..

  17. tiagovalen

    im still very proud of patricio he knew here the ball was going all the time

  18. maxitot realmadrid

    tu tu tu tu tu tu song name pls? 😀

  19. David Luz

    Varela* and yes…

  20. Max Orellana

    Yeeah sure that’s why they win 2 euro cups and 1 world cup?

  21. neziloo mb

    l”es meilleur

  22. aissaoui islam produkshunz


  23. IrhashPH

    Ronaldo aint a pussy.the coach tell him to be the 5th taker.because it
    suppose to be the crucial one

  24. becamiha

    funny!all CB players on this match have take a penalty

  25. maxitot realmadrid

    last song pls? 😀

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