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Spain win Euro 2012, 4-0 over Italy

Spain Supporters Movie Rating: four / five


  1. The Devil

    Nice slideshow, but video was invented decades ago. Try it out CNN; it
    works great.

  2. Dice punk


  3. Legend21

    @TF2legend really your going to blame italy. We are top on the world with
    brasil not right now but once your little spaniards win 4 world cups call

  4. mediterranea1983

    italy never go down, just in the last game unfortunately, spain deserved to
    win, but we will always be proud of italy and everything they do its amazing

  5. kc270352

    yeah Barcelona adopted tiki-taka, but Spain have always been a great team,
    just underachievers

  6. The Devil

    lol no video? haha CNN, you suck

  7. baltremus1

    I love Spainish National team. They have demonstrated the ability to win
    with no negros included in the team.

  8. Kevzete


  9. FootballLover54321

    Choo!, choo! Next stop: World Cup 2014!

  10. ShaneCarwin

    if barca do not win either la liga or champions league next season, they
    will probably change tactics.

  11. ShaneCarwin

    spain have always been on the same level as holland, france, portugal,
    england, germany, italy, until they adopted tika taka. before 2008, spanish
    football was the same as elsewhere, apart from brazil and argentina of

  12. kc270352

    Spain were never an average team

  13. fnAmericanS

    your going to be waiting for a long long time

  14. barbara luca

    a bit

  15. leliebre

    Try to win something, then talk.

  16. Jack Frost

    Don’t worry Italy you will always be number one in my eyes and many others.

  17. Lavadude13

    This Spanish team is simply world class, and they did it without their top
    scorer David Villa… seriously cant understand why people say they dont
    deserve this because they play a great style and make other teams look like

  18. destroyer123ize

    *football* my friend

  19. dufferego87

    @baltremus1 Well said buddy, very true. I hate european teams adopting
    black players in their team. I liked italy until they got baloteli.

  20. Axmithhh

    what the hell are you talking about? If you don’t think soccer is one of
    the weakest sports in the world, you really need to get your head straight

  21. mpgames0

    you say that because you are ethier a fatass or a retard but i think you
    are both

  22. goivi realmadrid

    is cool spain is the best team ever of the history soccer

  23. J Thomas

    It’s funny, the NHL is locked out and nobody seems to care.

  24. mpgames0

    are you italian?

  25. Furiouss06


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