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Spain Enthusiasts Video Score: 4 / 5


  1. THE Bigragu

    @TheDreadMan The 3rd place game was better imo.

  2. Mohammed Adheil

    They defo need goal line tech, blind ass linesman, they need the tech and
    need to use repalys, it does not take that long, but Europe does put on
    some awsome footie, come on MAN U, but you can’t alwlays have a great game
    FA cup uhh. Make some footie vids, Spainish players got £500,000 each,
    £250,000 for holland. Overall a great world cup. Hopefully the people of
    Africa have benifited from this. PeAcE

  3. kidmover

    @MouseyCollins yo brother hook me up lol i live in tottenham get back at me
    🙂 )

  4. THE Bigragu

    @MouseyCollins If only I could leave the country!

  5. Mohammed Adheil

    Spain deserved it, it was a okay game, hard to ref man, the way the players
    acted towards the ref was horrible, xabi alnso got straight kung fu
    fighting in his chest dam. But it was an awsome world cup, kinda sad its
    gona, only 4 years and 1 day to the next world cup. Inestais shot was real
    good, I’m not sure if they will win 2014, I was right about this world cup
    and about the final picked it fromt he start, pshh octapous my ass they
    should of just asked me. South Africa put on a great tourini.

  6. John S

    The German team was immense but young, in four years they should be alot

  7. james moore

    hey bigragu check out sheffield wednesday you will love em!!!! not really
    we get shitter every year lol

  8. N0xN0ctis

    There’s a lot more goals at club level than there is at international
    level. You should check out the English Premier League or The Spanish
    League if you can & have the interest 🙂 Derby matches are very exciting.
    like manchester united vs. manchester city.

  9. THE Bigragu

    @MrFNWO1 I hope so. The thing is that the Europe league is really more
    exciting football. You have multiple stars on those teams all playing
    together. Make for some really good shootouts!

  10. THE Bigragu

    @8824snipe Yes! When is that fight actually happening?

  11. 8824snipe

    @bigragu Cant have everything. Still waiting to see you and jhabeeb in the
    ring ;))

  12. slinkyhot

    check millwall out u will love erm millllll

  13. TheDreadMan

    LOL @ the intro Big R, & butI liked the 3rd place game between Ururguay &
    Germany better, more exciting. anyway Spain deserved to win their 1st world
    cup championship, VIVA España!!

  14. THE Bigragu

    @heros2zeros thank you for the info!

  15. allan oteyza

    love the intro man!!

  16. 1kingshak

    viva espanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. THE Bigragu

    @DStyleBoxing LOL! I forgot to get my Uruguay over S Korea Pick. But I
    would have been 4th anyway.

  18. OrioNX99

    In penalties the pressure is actually on the taker and never on the keeper.
    It’s seen as a bonus if the keeper saves one

  19. tetankemint

    glad this fagfest is over, now bigragu can go back to covering a real sport

  20. Carl Spencer

    Loved the intro Dude .. lol That was not football … that was GRID IRON
    without all the padding … ha ha Spain deserved to win and Finally they
    took a SHOT on GOOOOAAALLLLL . You gotta think up another Challenge now ?
    whats the next big sporting event ! I love the World Cup but they gotta
    sort them rules out

  21. christopher rooney

    @heros2zeros they mite have great fans but there shite

  22. THE Bigragu

    @8824snipe LOL! He appears to be one fit dude! I would have to start
    running again! 🙂

  23. SoLazy100

    If you liked the style of Germany this WC, you may like watching Bayern
    Munich next season

  24. THE Bigragu

    @CARLOS62B LOL! Give me some time! I’m sure I’ll think of something!

  25. THE Bigragu

    @mikespikeforlife I will check them out!

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