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Spain’s World Cup winners return

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  1. thelegolord1000

    im englih and i agree with you

  2. Homero Jimenez

    i dont care!

  3. Angel Huichapa

    oops i ment 2014….sorry

  4. Angel Huichapa

    Mexico will always be my team!
    i know they havent won a single World Cup, but im not giving up hope!
    one day Mexico will win the World Cup!
    i just hope im alive to see it or hopefully they win it in World Cup 2012!

  5. omnidani

    Nobody agrees with you.

  6. claudio vargas

    spain is gona get there ass beat by mexico!!!!!

  7. AL3Xmotodude

    These sore losers make me laugh. (in the comments)

  8. zd14m

    umm dutch played pretty good, they where not suppose to make it past first round they did just fine.

  9. Homero Jimenez

    They don’t deserve it! Netherlands were better the whole game!

  10. najib zotac

    viva espana!!! Spain is the best team in the whole world….congrats…

  11. Dira Turner

    the final game was dirty, and spain did commit some fouls, but they received the fair play award so i think they won in a fair way.

  12. buckfushes

    That word cup finals game was DIRTY.

  13. louisfox23

    they did they played dirty

  14. abarzilai664

    The Dutch played so bad it wasn’t even funny. So Spain deserved it since they played the “beutiful game” the right way.

  15. Antanas Gedminas

    wooo! spain wins (party)

  16. Julia L

    yupp trueeee

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