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World Cup Win Helped Recover From Depression, Says Iniesta


Andres Iniesta has said that scoring the winning goal at the 2010 World Cup final against Netherlands helped him to recover from the depression of losing his friend. The death of Danie lJarque has affected him a lot. The Espanyol star died at 2009 from a heart attack at the age of 26 and his death caused a lot of grief to him. When he scored the goal, he has revealed an undershirt that had words: Dani Jarque always with us.

Iniestasaid that even though he was successful during that time he has to undergo many losses andmisfortunes which affected him mentally. But the death of his friend Dani Jarque in August 2009 brought him a lot of grief and it led him to be depressed and had to seek professional help for overcoming it.

The former Barcelona player says that it was the toughest part of his life and with the help of his then-girlfriend Anna whom he married later supported him in the time of crisis. His parents also supported him during hard times. This phase in Iniesta’s life made him a better and stronger person.

The Spaniard has openly shared to the public about his struggles with depression and how difficult it was for him to adapt to the ways of life at Barcelona. The story of Barca and Spain star player’s depression reminds everyone that anyone can be affected by mental health issues and with support and care one can recover easily.

Iniesta once in an interview explained how during those times one wouldn’t enjoy what’s happening around him and people around him are just people. Fortunately, he didn’tlose the spark and knew that he needed to seek help to get away from the situation.

“You have no feelings or passion. You end up feeling empty inside and there is a moment that you realise that you cannot take it anymore.” he once explained to Antena 3 TV.

Iniesta in his time along with Spain and Barcelona has lifted the World Cup and a couple of European Championship with the former and nine La Liga titles and four Champions League title with the latter.