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Zidane Is Hopeful Of Real Madrid’s Comeback

The return match will become an uphill task for Maximilian Arnold and Ricardo Rodriguez.

However, the coach hopes that the team will be able to make it to the semi finals. Zidane, the celebrated coach of Real Madrid has definitely found it hard to consume the defeat that his team faced on Wednesday. Real Madrid played against Wolfsburg on Wednesday which resulted in their defeat.

The night was not in their favor. Karim Benzema had suffered an injury which further made things difficult for Real Madrid. The team also made certain mistakes in the game. The mistakes made by Arnold and Rodriguez were damages that were seized upon by their opponents. As a result, it is definitely looking difficult for the team to make it back in the Champions League. The game played on Wednesday ended with the Spanish giants being defeated by Wolfsburg at 2-0.

Even though mistakes were made, several chances were attempted by the team to put a goal in place, but the goalkeeper of the other team prevented their attempts from being successful.

Even though Zidane showed his frustration even while admitting that the failure of the team was his failure, he feels that the team can turn things around. The opportunity will present itself at Santiago Bernabeu. This would be the second leg of the league matches and will help determine the teams which will make it to the semi finals. Zidane admitted that he felt that his team could have performed better in the first half when they made mistakes and gave the opposing team an upper hand. It has definitely become more difficult for this team, but there still is a chance. Most fans of Real Madrid will also be hoping that the next match turns out in their favor.