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Spain National Football Team – World Cup 2010

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  1. KingRealRock

    Real Madrid + Barcelona + Bilbao + Atletico + Valencia + Villarreal + Sevilla = SPAIN!

  2. MrTurkishblue

    Dumbest top comments ever.

  3. 7LineT

    The awkward moment when the two top-comments is the same ……


    Barcelona + World = Spain)

  5. FJTS1997

    Really hope Torres is back in shape befor Euro 2012 <3

  6. begozo69

    + Madrid (fixed) (casillas arbeloa ramos alonso…)

  7. death1today

    Germany :(

  8. Uv09

    2012: Barcelona + Athletic Bilbao = Spain.

  9. Semeiron

    Holy fuck!!! a no spanish hater french talking sense about the spanish national team… god bless internet for allowing me to meet such a rare person…

  10. dingo702

    I really enjoyed this..

  11. xOMGDomo

    you think torres will do well in euro 2012? i think he might do better than he did in the world cup, if he comes back stronger.
    and yeah haha zidane.. he was very good.. till the headbutt >__< i think zidane is such a good player though! 🙂

  12. kornofulgur

    Hell, sure he wasn’t indeed hahaha !
    But sometimes some player totally miss a competition, and come back the event after stronger than ever. I know it sounds shitty but look at Zidane (I don’t compare) : totally useless in 2002, but the best player in the world in 2006.
    Go figure..

  13. xOMGDomo

    so you like torres? he wasnt good at all in the world cup..

  14. kornofulgur

    Outch, Torres isn’t in good shape since a lot of time it’s true, but don’t forget he was over-used in Liverpool, and he was one of the best attackers in the world at the time.
    He had to play even when he was injured or tired.
    But he’s a great player. Maybe finished now IDK, maybe not.
    As we say, “great players are always here on great competitions”.
    Wait & see..

  15. erkilio

    @mmsinema Real Madrid and Barcelona rob other team’s players, thats the reason why Spain is Real Madrid + Barcelona

  16. Davizr23

    Real Madrid + Barcelona + Athletic = Spain 😀

  17. xOMGDomo

    LOL at you not mentioning torres. he sucks XD hopefully spain wins euro 2012! i cant WAIT to watch it!

  18. AMMF93

    Real madrid + Barcelona — Messi + C.Ronaldo = Spain

  19. xOMGDomo

    yup :)

  20. Andrew5843

    hahaha, just a misunderstanding.

  21. Andrew5843

    hahaha, just a misunderstanding.

  22. xOMGDomo

    oh i thought he was thinking that the spanish players were better than barca and real madrid players LOL, i know if barcelona were to go up against spain (impossible though) then spain would win.. but i thought he meant the players.. cus they’re basically the same! XD

  23. Andrew5843

    Spain has a lot of more depth, and is better defensively.

  24. xOMGDomo

    ur kidding right? lol

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