Spain Football Fans

Spain wins World cup 2010 (Football Fight)

Spain Followers Movie Ranking: 3 / five


  1. brood910

    And when these losers lose, they say their opponents cheated. Sore losers.

  2. 8752ssssssssssssssss

    ofcourse he doing that the keeper takes the ball in hes hands when they got
    1min …

  3. بنت حمص العدية


  4. Duncancarbon

    These 21 seconds have the whole italian way of football jammed in it:
    Hit-fall-kick other people. When they can’t find a way to score, they fall
    and find a way to get a penalty. Glad these bastards are out of the world

  5. zenoist2

    Thats normal for Italians sorry to say. Another fave is diving , writhing
    and crying if anybody is nearer than 20 feet away. I was really happy they
    finished bottom of the group and were OUT!

  6. lashagoshadze10


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